My Son

What was known about high-functioning Autism in 1988? Not much, nor was it commonplace to be able to look at it for a diagnosis in toddler years. It took many years for that diagnosis, but in 1990 you begin to realize that the typical learning behaviors of children are not the same for your child.

In 1988 the ultrasounds were simple, bare minimum, photos of the Continue reading My Son

Staring Down The Night Of Day IX


“Nana lunch is ready.” I tell her, just a bit loudly from the kitchen so she can hear me.

“Alright, I be right there.” I hear in return. In her soft sweet, low tone, squeaky little voice. Continue reading Staring Down The Night Of Day IX

Spooks Anonymous V


I had the day off, everyone appreciates and welcomes that.

Cleaning and playing were the normal thing on days off. Mom would come by sometimes after work. She didn’t want to be left out of play time. Continue reading Spooks Anonymous V

Staring Down The Night of Day VIII


“Wake up Nana, are you up?” as I ask, I know she isn’t as she is still laying in the bed.

She always grins this large enormous glorious grin when you go in and holds her hand out for your to hold while you chat the morning up-to-dates. Unless she really didn’t sleep well, then it’s along the line of, closed eyes, groggy voice, and a slight “I’m still sleepy” in such a low tone.

But this morning “I’m just being lazy, you got breakfas?” She seems to leave the T out often.

I let her know that we will fix her something in the kitchen as soon as she gets up and dressed.

In the kitchen, Sherry comes in, Nana is eating her biscuit with jelly and ham, she has slacked off of the eggs. She doesn’t like them anymore or her coffee, but randomly asks for her coffee. I might fix it but on the other hand I might not, she doesn’t remember not liking her coffee, she just doesn’t know where it is. I think it’s a very long-lived habit. Sometimes, I remind her that she doesn’t care for the taste now, still she might want it anyway. What ever Nana wants, within reason and safety, Nana gets.

Sherry comes over to me and whispers, “I have to tell you about last night”, so I walk into the living room, Nana still in sight but can’t see me talking to Sherry. Nana doesn’t care for whispering, it’s rude you know.

“Nana talked almost the entire night, I haven’t had hardly any sleep. She was talking about off the wall stuff, none of it made any sense at all.” She continued “I would try to wake her up but when I did she would start talking in third person and try to pull me into the dream too, like, then she said I have to wake up but I told her that I had too much to do.” “Have you heard of anything like that?” she asks.

“Never, ever” I replied. Although hearing of something new was quite common with someone in this state.

Later, Nana and I are watching tv and Sherry has rat-killng to do, hers and Nana’s words for errand running. Sherry tells us bye and she will be back in a little while. Shortly after she leaves Nana begins this conversation that I don’t understand. So I ask her what she’s talking about. She doesn’t respond, I go over to her and her eyes are wide open but she isn’t talking to me. I ask her if she is talking to me? She looks at me, but not stopping her conversation, nor, does she reply. I walk to the other side of her and her eyes follow, but she still isn’t talking to me. It’s like a dream/delusion state.

Setting on the sofa about an hour later, I ask Nana if she want’s a snack, needing her to stop this chatter. She doesn’t respond, so I shake her leg a little, “hey there” she says.

“Hey, would you like a snack, maybe yogurt raisins?” They have plenty of protein in them, what patients need.

“Yes please, they’re good.” Nana is always the polite one.

Well about five seconds after I go into the kitchen she starts again! Again! Anyway, I get her about twenty of the little shriveled up, yogurt covered delicious darlings.

“Nana, I said with a somewhat loud voice, here’s your snack, eat em all up.”

“Thank you I said, I will I said.” was her reply. AND RIGHT BACK AT IT!  While she is eating her raisins,        What?                                                      I watch her chewing, seems to be fine, so I let thher roll.

We called the nurse to see about it. There is not much to be done about this, the doctor gave some anxiety meds, which helped none. It will run its course. The main thing is that she lost a lot of sleep over the week that it lasted, off and on day and night. So did Sherry, not to mention the aggravated state of mind we were in. Thank you Jesus when it ended.  And she is fine.



Spooks Anonymous IV

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My Youngest

Night time was so peaceful and quiet in our little trailer, on the hill, in the woods. The kids playing in the house or outside was the loudest noise we ever really heard except for when my dad would come up on the tractor. Continue reading Spooks Anonymous IV

Staring Down The Night Of Day VII


“Good morning” I greet Sherry when I get to her house.

She responds “No, not really, it isn’t” in a very matter of fact tone.

I just stand there, waiting for her to begin the explanation. Although, I do have a pretty clear idea who has caused this discordant response without being told. Continue reading Staring Down The Night Of Day VII

Staring Down The Night Of Day VI


“I have to run to Walmart for a few things before I go to Nana’s”

It’s Sunday evening, breezing through the isles, just looking basically. Sherry has to be at work early in the morning, so I will be spending the night at Nana’s tonight. Sherry can sleep upstairs in her actual Continue reading Staring Down The Night Of Day VI

It’s Just A Rock

Going up Lookout Mountain there’s a store that sells many different things, for the size of the store, it is packed in. The Incline comes down right behind it, I mean with in just a few feet. Part of the civil war was fought there in late Nov of 1863. “Battle Above The Clouds” as it was referred. Although, the main reason that I like to go there is because they have earring rocks for $5. They have geodes, broken or unbroken in various sizes $3-$10. Vintage coins, civil war replicas, quilts, moccasins, etc.
Continue reading It’s Just A Rock

Romans built roads, lets build our own.